Monday, October 31, 2011

Update: A Journal of a Sorts

Last week was very rough.

  • Tuesday: As you know, I went to the ER late in the evening on suspected gall bladder troubles because I had been suffering for seven/eight days straight. The results of both blood work and ultrasound came back saying my gall bladder looks good.

    They wanted to do a CT scan and by then I had enough. I was so tired and feeling sick from lack of sleep. I just could not handle the idea of them establishing yet another IV location, which was finally in my left hand after they could not get one in my right arm and could not find a spot in the left arm. For the CT scan, the IV location has to be in the arm and not the hand. I was not going through all that again. I hate needles and tend to panic with them. I also was terrified of the idea of a foreign substance (dye) being injected into my body. Dan insisted on talking with the emergency room doctor and after discussing things, he refused on my behalf because they were only fishing.

  • Wednesday: I was so sick. The upper abdomen burning/pain was about a four spiking to six or seven on the scale of ten. I was also suffering from facial pain. I decided to take some pain medication they gave me in hopes of making me feel a tad better. Instead, it caused me to vomit violently. I'll have you know that medicine ended up in the trash. Anyway, I was one messed up woman. I told Dan I wanted to die after I threw up the first time. I was so fortunate that he chose to stay home from work that day. He watched over me.
  • Thursday: I was better albeit extremely weak. The burning/pain had subsided somewhat. I only had bland liquids. Dan made me some jello which helped.

  • Friday: I woke up feeling much better. I tried bland solids. And, ever since, I have only been drinking and eating bland stuff. I will wake up in the mornings fine but the burning would begin after I drink and eat and continue throughout the day. But, at least it was tolerable.

  • Saturday and Sunday: I mostly rested. We did go out both days.

    Saturday was the grocery. I only went to HEB and I didn't care about costs. I wanted real food even though it was bland. We got small potatoes, chicken, white rice, and a few other things. Dan grilled some chicken for me that night. It was bland as can be -- nothing but chicken. I also a little plain pasta with the chicken. I couldn't eat a whole lot; but, at least I was eating.

    We shopped for a little on Sunday. I got myself a new mouse for the laptop and Dan got himself a new game (Batman: Arkham City for XBox 360). These only costed a little over $17 total -- due to rebate gift cards. I also purchased a little Christmas gift. I was so tired that we went home after about an hour out and about.

  • Today: I saw the Gastroenterology doctor at 8:00am. Actually, I saw him a little bit later due to my body going into panic attack mode. Sheesh. It was just what my body needed - NOT! After some discussion, the doctor mentioned ulcer. He also wants to look into a secondary problem I have had for as long as I can remember and that is difficulty swallowing. For the first time in my life, I feel validated. I might actually have a legitimate answer to this ridiculous problem.

    Anyway, he wants to do an endoscope for the primary suspect (ulcer). So, an endoscopy was scheduled for Thursday at 8:10am and I will be put under some anesthesia which scares me half to death. I pray I will survive being scared. Ha!

So, as of this date, I have lost 10 pounds in one week. All this without trying! Sheesh. I will continue to eat and drink only bland stuff as that is all I can tolerate. I still do not feel like doing much. Can you believe that I have packages unopened since last Monday? I just don't have the energy to do anything and all of this health crap is causing me to be depressed. I can only hope things will look up soon.