Monday, October 3, 2011

CVS Pharmacy Shopping Trip (Frugality)

I had two CVS Extra Reward Bucks (ERB), $10 from a shopping trip and $2 from a free Facebook promotion. One of these was expiring today. I had to use it up. Otherwise, it would be like throwing cash away. At least, in my mind, it would be.

So, I went online and perused the weekly ads. I am not one to buy things just for the sake of buying them because they are on sale. I tend to buy things that we need and/or I know we will use in the future. And, almost always, I stay away from food products with the exception of Coke for Dan when they are on an excellent sale.

I made a list of things that were on sale and tracked down a couple coupons I had clipped. I then made a run to CVS. There is an ERB station located near the front of the store. I always scan my card in hopes of garnering another free ERB coupon. I was lucky to get a $1 ERB this trip. This turned my $12 stash of ERB into $13.

Here is the list of things I needed/wanted:

Nbr of Items Product Total Cost
Dawn Ultra Antibacterial  
Maxi 18 ct
Hydro 3 Razor
Sure solid Deodorant
Grand Total:

I was getting low on both Dawn and the Maxi. And, I was getting nervous about the deodorant supply. They were buy 1, get 1 and I had a coupon. So, I decided to get more. These were all on sale and I knew I had that $12 total in ERB coupons. I didn't really need the razor. I prefer cartridge refills. But, every once in awhile, you need to get yourself a new razor (handle) because they do get grody over time. Ha! So, this will get stored in our linen closet until I (or Dan) needs a new one. And, I had two other reasons for purchasing the razor. I am sure you can find them below.

Here are the coupons I used:

Total Amount 19.42
Hydro 5 or 3 razor
Sure Deoderant

Yes, the total amount for all of this was 42 cents. Tax of 7 cents was then applied making it a grand total of 49 cents! That is all I paid. AND, get this! I received a $3.00 ERB back for the razor I purchased. So, in a sense, I got paid for shopping at CVS. You can't beat that!