Thursday, October 13, 2011

Today I am...

Today I am old! Ha! One year older. I turned 47 years old today. Yikes!

I found out yesterday that I won two yards of Panier de Fleurs of my choice from the Fat Quarter Shop through Talkin’ Tuesdays on Twitter. Learning this bit of news lifted my mood immensely. Thank you @caraquilts and @FatQuarterShop for this early birthday present! I do not think anybody knew that the next day was going to be my birthday. So, it was a wonderful surprise!

In the middle of the night (last night), I woke up with a migraine. It was a pounding ugly one. Fortunately, it eased by 7:00am this morning. I disliked the sunshine. Someone on facebook said it was a glorious morning! I privately said “bah humbug” to that cheerful person.

bird ate sun (sun hate bird)

I still have residual effects of the migraine; so, you'll have to excuse any grammar and spelling errors that may be in this post.

I was planning to go the beach today; but, the after effects of the migraine changed my mind. I took it easy this morning and gradually felt better. By the time 11:00am rolled around, I felt like venturing outdoors. I decided to see Mother and then head on over to the nearest Denny’s for my free Grand Slam birthday meal. It was delicious; although, the service stunk at that particular restaurant.

Since I felt up to doing some shopping, I decided to go on mini quilt shop hop! I first went to my formerly favorite quilt shop, the Painted Pony ‘n Qults (PPQ). I roamed inside the store for a bit; but, I did not find anything I had to have. So, I went onto another quilt shop called Pinwheels and Posies (P&P) which has now become my favorite shop in the area. This was my first visit to this particular shop. It is smaller; but, still loaded with fabric. The staff is really nice! I have never encountered friendlier staff than they. Most do not have the patience with hearing impaired or deaf people like me. But, these were very nice and understanding people.

Anyway, I roamed the shop and noticed that the prices were slightly lower than the PPQ. Although, P&P probably had less than half the amount of fabric. The shop is mostly organized and grouped by color with a few fabric lines standing out. They had some Essential Dots by Moda mixed up in the groupings of colors. I wanted these for eons. But, I decided against purchasing any of these because I knew that I can eventually buy some at my favorite online quilt store.

I found a fabric I loved. And then, I noticed the same pattern was in another color. I kept on finding the same pattern in different colors.

source: Moi!

Ten in all! I ended up purchasing ½ yard of each except the brown. I purchased 2 yards of that as I loved the color. Don’t ask me why; but, I have loved rich browns for several years now. One of these fabrics, I believe it was the black, was 20% off. I did not know this until she marked the ticket. I told the lady that I was not going to argue with her. Ha! These fabrics are part of the Isadora line by Blank Quilting. And, I discovered via this site that the brown color is “Chocolate”! How appropriate!

After I finished with the P&P shop, I decided to head on over to Quakertown Quilts (QQ) . Imagine my disappointment upon discovering that this shop is closed. They were in business for 23 years! They do have what I call a 'sister shop' in The Woodlands; but, I was not about to travel that far!

So, I went to see my Mother again briefly and then crashed a bit at the house. I decided that I did not feel like dining out for dinner; so, I went to Chili's to order some food to go. Once I got back to the house, I settled down with a book and pigged out on some delicious Cajun Pasta with Grilled Chicken.

In spite of my disappointment over QQ, in spite of my rough beginning to this day due to the migraine, and in spite of missing my Dan, I had a pretty good day!