Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wordy Wednesday: The Lion Sleeps Tonight

In the jungle, the mighty jungle
The lion sleeps tonight
Both Chessie and Gracie were allowed outside on Sunday, October 2nd. Dan was out there working on a few things and the cats were begging to be let out. So, I put the leashes on them, opened the door and Gracie charged outside while Chessie sedately walked like an old lioness.

Chessie was in a strange mood. She usually goes immediately into the grass. Instead, she sat there on the edge of the front stoop for the longest time. She finally decided to go into the bushes that are next to the front stoop. I did not have the heart to discourage her like I usually do because of the weird mood she was in. (I am always afraid of possible snakes in hiding.) She settled herself down, and gazed out onto the world.

She eventually got up, buried herself even deeper into the bushes, and settled down. The above picture is what I captured when she did this and it is my favorite one out of all the ones I snapped that day. She was one happy kitteh. She laid down her head and went to sleep.

When it was time to go in, Chessie didn't want to budge. She complained a bit. I felt bad; but, there was no way I was going to leave her (or Gracie) outside. Both of my cats are indoor cats with supervised visits to the great outdoors.

I brushed Chessie upon going inside and there were five tiny leaves buried in her fur. Sheesh. This is another reason not to let her go into the bushes! Ha!