Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Wordy Wednesday {Stickerburr Bombs}

We did some yard work one last time back on November 1, 2014. Dan used the weed whacker and I used the lawn tractor. As you probably know, I dress to the nines – long sleeve shirts, jeans, boots, and a floppy hat. However, Dan does not. He often wears just shorts and a tank top!

Anyway, on this day, I was thankful he was at least wearing jeans.

{To see a larger image, go here.}

We called them stickerburr bombs! He got them everywhere -- even on his face. You can barely see one on his right arm. He had loads all over his arm hairs and even in his beard which thankfully protected his face somewhat.

By the way, we tend to use needle nose pliers to remove stickerburrs and toss them into an old bucket before going into the house.

I think we could avoid having them on the land if I was not a wildflower fanatic. In order to prevent them from growing, you have to constantly mow and begin immediately when the “grass” begins to grow. But, I do not follow this general rule. I like my bluebonnets and all the other wildflowers that sprout in the spring. So, we suffer the consequences.