Saturday, January 10, 2015

Slapdash Saturday

  • Rolled Hem Basics & How To


  • Hedgie Pin Cushion


    Here is a blog post with a better picture in which the author used her hedgie pin cushion for “dead” sewing machine needles! I thought it was too cute.

  • Funny Macro Dragonfly Photo


  • The Prayer Jesus Taught Us: Part 1

    {Inspirational; Christian; Devotional}

    Our Father…

    When you come to God in prayer, you don’t come to a stranger who needs an introduction, or to an enemy who is against you. You do not come to a statue that cannot see or hear, or to some mean and impersonal deity who needs to be appeased. You come to your Father, whose heart reaches out to you in goodness and kindness, who knows every detail about your life, and who wants you to come and welcomes your company.