Saturday, February 1, 2014

January Recap

My word of the year, focus, has been good for me so far. I think my focus have been better than in the past. My goals were 52 weeks of savings, books and projects. So far, savings is on track. Books is behind and projects is going slowly. But hey, I feel like I am accomplishing things for the first time in a long time! So, here is a recap of January.
  • Savings

    I am recapping some of what I wrote in my A {Long} Week in Review post and adding to it. From here on, I will create a new (updated) table beginning with an updated last balance.

    Previous Balance 0.00
    Week 1 (12/30)
    Week 2 (01/06)>
    Week 3 (01/13)
    Week 4 (01/20)
    Week 5 (01/27)

  • Book Finishes

    • #1: Except the Queen by Jane Yolen and Midori Snyder

      I picked this book up on a deep clearance a long time ago. It had a quote by Patricia A. McKillip, an author whose books I have read and liked in the past. This, along with an excerpt from the book on the back of the jacket persuaded me to buy the book. This book barely has 4 stars at Goodreads and 4-1/2 stars at I gave it two stars (at Goodreads). Even though it is for young adults in the fantasy genre, I struggled through this book. There is nothing compelling within the pages that keeps me wanting to read. I would not recommend this book to anyone – young or old.

  • Projects

    I did cyber organization the first week. I continued along with the organization theme within the house the rest of the month. I reorganized four kitchen drawers. I also cleaned out and organized my dresser throwing out some old clothes and donating a few nice shirts that I no longer wear. And, I finally got around to shredding thousands of papers from files.

  • Other

    We took off a weekend and attended a baby shower up Dallas way. I had a very good time and plan to blog about it at a later date. I need to get to the pictures I took during that time. To be honest, I am afraid to look at them. I think it is because I want the pictures to come out well. I have become so particular when it comes to pictures of events like this baby shower. I just need to remember that even if they are snapshot quality, it is still good. In fact, it is better than nothing.

    I struggled with a bad sinus infection for about a week – allergies finally got the best of me. Being sick for a week put a damper on things (such as projects). But, I am not quitting.

    The progress on the garage conversion is coming along slowly. In addition to working on my room, we will soon be building a garden bed for potatoes and making benches for our farmhouse table I recently built. I think we have too many irons in the fire so to speak. Besides what I mentioned, we are wanting to build a shed, a chicken coop, a fire pit, etc., and etc. But, in spite of all this, we are happy and that is all that matters, correct?