Friday, January 31, 2014

The Garage Conversion IV

It is about time I did an update, correct?

You can find the previous post here.

Started Building the Closet on 11/10/2013

Putting up the drywall on 11/16/2013

Door frame is put up on 11/17/2013.

As you can see, the drywall on closet has already been taped and mudded. It took several weeks of deciding on what to do about applying texture. A contractor cancelled the job and then Dan decided to do it himself. We rented a machine and the job turned into a major event; but, he persevered and got it figured out. I am really proud of him.

Priming all walls started on 12/21/2013

As you can see, Dan used a spray painter to cut the corners. I tried using it and let me tell you, it takes a lot of effort to use the toy as it is heavy! By the way, priming the walls took a lot of effort, paint and time as the new walls just sucked up the primer. We vastly underestimated the amount of primer we needed due to this fact. But, we eventually got it done.

Painting all walls on 12/28/2013.

We also used the spray painter to cut the corners in this step. I went with a color called Soft Candlelight (Glidden; GLY16).

From here, we were very disorganized. We could not decide what step to take next. We eventually decided to order the flooring and that was on back order. Dan realized that the A/C and Heating can be installed now that the room is essentially complete. So, he called them to come give us a quote. We decided to go with the quote...

A/C and Heat was installed 1/11/2014.

The lighting was horrid on this day. So, the picture is awful. This is what it looks like looking out into the room from the kitchen. The A/C and Heat unit was bigger than what we wanted; but, the unit quoted was not in stock; so, they gave us an upgrade for free. We will not argue with that. I can always bling it up if I want to in the future as it is ugly. But, it is functional. The guys did an excellent job of installing the unit for us.

We picked up the flooring on 1/19/2014 and started putting that down on 1/25/2014. That will be in another blog post.