Friday, January 24, 2014

DIY: Altered Composition Books {Journals}

I have one journal (design / quilting) for some time now and it is a composition book. I hate the look; but, they are cheap and it works. I also wanted a special one for this year – not just a plain old ugly one I tend to use because they are cheap. I came across a blog where a blogger altered a composition book for a journal and loved the idea. I just did not like the method that was used. So, I went a hunting and found so many ideas including on YouTube!

There are plenty of sources where one can get information and / or inspiration on altering a composition book. Pinterest is one such site – just search for "composition book". Since there are so many sources, I will not go into the details on how I altered these journals. I did use Scotch's tape glider and tape (acid free), Aleene's tacky glue (acid free version), scrapbook papers, washi tapes, X-acto knife, paper punch and a rotary cutter and mat. I also used 50% sales (Hobby Lobby scrapbook papers) and coupons to keep costs down. Patience almost always wins out. However, I needed a few things like NOW and splurged here and there.

Anyway, These are my creations. Note: I will not be making the pen holders on any altered composition book in the future. I like the idea; but, for some odd reason, I rarely keep the writing instruments with the journal.

{To view a larger image, go here.}

This is the first one I altered. It is the old quilting journal. So, if I messed the book up, I did not care. I had ripped out a few pages from previous writings and started using this for designing stuff years ago especially the backings of quilts using leftover fabrics. By the way, the first page you see is the alternate block I drew up for Block 3 of the Layer Cake quilt along which was documented here. Why? I do not like baskets. Never did and most likely never will. I know. I am weird.

{To see a larger image, go here.}

This is the second composition book I altered. I decided to just cut the paper around the book instead of wrapping paper over the edges into the insides. I think I like this better. It is certainly easier! I am lazy like that. I used cutouts from magazines to create the title. By the way, there was nothing too personal on the first page; so, I did not mind sharing that with the world. I do not know if you can see it; but, I used a summation formula for the savings description to keep it short. Ha!


I altered a couple mini composition books to coordinate with the journals to take along in travels for my notes (and ideas). It is nothing fancy – just matching paper on the outsides.

I got to confess that these make me happy. So much better than the ugly version!