Sunday, January 12, 2014

A {Long} Week in Review:

  • Savings

    This actually started December 30th, which is the week January 1st landed on. It is never too early to start a challenge and / or saving money, correct?

    Previous Balance 0.00
    Week 1
    Week 2

  • Books

    I am actually reading two books and a yearly (365 days) devotional that was given to me. One is a fantasy book which does not have a great start; but, it is beginning to get interesting. The other book is a Christology and Biography. I am about halfway through book. The devotional is rather good. So, that "book" will be finished December 31st and counted as one of 52 books. Ha!

    It has been lovely reading here and there; but, I still feel guilty. This is hard to overcome but I am hoping it becomes easier over time.

  • Projects

    I decided to do some cyber organization for my first week. The tags on my blog posts were chaotic and disorganized and it was driving me crazy. So, I decided to go through them all and managed to get rid of many tags. I think it is much more organized now.

    I then moved onto my bookmarks, especially the recipes, because they were driving me crazy. I needed to break them up even further into different categories. So, I made that attempt. I am a little happier and will resume at a later date.

  • Other

    There were a couple of days during this time frame where I was not feeling well with headache and migraine. So, I took it easy (and limited time on computer). I clipped words and phrases from magazines to save for use later. I also worked on my altered composition books which I will share at a later date.

    During this time, I managed to sliced a few layers of skin off my right index finger while cutting paper using a rotary cutter using an old blade. It scared me to death considering how quickly it happened. You do not know what you have done until it is too late. The injury did not bleed; but, it did ooze a tad. Just because it is scrapbook paper, it does not mean that I do not have to take the same precautions I do with fabric. Sheesh. This is my first injury since I have started using the notion in 1994.

    Actually, this my first injury while slicing something with the cutter. I have nicked my face because I reached up to scratch my nose. This taught me to put the cutter down before doing anything else. I have also cut my stomach in the early days before I learned how to slice fabrics properly -- always slice away from you (not towards you). And, even though this isn’t an injury, I have sliced my hair! I now have my hair up in a ponytail whenever using the rotary cutter.