Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Wordy Wednesday: A Score!

I had to go into town with Dan last Thursday. I decided to do some shopping. (I had some of my own money to spend if I chose to do so.) I went by Hobby Lobby and got a few things I needed on sale and with their regular 40% off coupon. When I swung by Michaels, I did not think I would find much of anything I could live without. Boy, was I wrong!

They had a major clearance on some paper punches. Now, you scrapbookers know these things can be very expensive. And, some of you know that I am a cheapskate. I just cannot see spending that much money on a paper punch. I would make do without.

  • The Recollections punches (white) cost $3.99 each regular price. I got them for $1.00 each.
  • The EK punch (cupcakes) is 18.78 regular price. I got it for $4.99.
  • The Fiskars punches are $11.89 each. I got them for $4.99 each.

All of these would have cost $102.17 (before taxes). I got them all for $35.94 (before taxes) I am absolutely thrilled with my loot!