Friday, January 3, 2014

2014 Word of the Year and My Stupid List

Word of the Year

2011 – Do
2012 – Finish
2013 – Anew (Afresh)

2014 – Focus

I have been so unfocused lately that it is driving me insane. I am sure it is driving Dan crazy. So, the word of the year for 2014 is focus. I need to take a deep breath and center myself. I am going to endeavor to concentrate on one thing at a time. One project at a time. One task at a time. One meal at a time. And, get it done. You get the drift.

As for setting goals this year, they are not extensive as I seem to just out and out fail due to life and other reasons. So, it is just a simple 52 weeks:

  • Savings Challenge

    This is an incremental challenge that I find very easy to do. Since there are two of us, I am setting aside $2 for the first week, $4 the second, $6 the third and so on and so forth. {To find out more, just search for “52 weeks savings plan” as this challenge is viral.}

  • Books

    I miss reading books and have not really enjoyed reading them for a long time due to a variety of reasons including judgmental souls who told me that I was being anti-social and needed to be more involved. I have been unhappy trying to fulfill my promise (to get them off my back) to try to participate. By the way, this was years and years ago – before I got married. Well, I am done with them. I am returning to my first love and that is books and I do not care what others may think of me. By the way, this challenge may or may not include books previously read. Also, I may choose to read young adult or preteen books which often are quick reads and exactly what I need for that moment.

  • Projects

    This will be a variety of things such as crafting, organization, baking or cooking (new recipes), etc., and etc. For example, I may want to alter several composition books; so, that could be my project for the week. Or, I may want to clean out and organize the extended pantry which is currently driving me batty. So, that could be my project of the week.

Simple enough, right? Right. <---- That is sarcasm in case you did not read the emotion behind the word.

And oh, we have officially gone on to the “no spend month” only it will extend into two or three months. The exceptions to the rule is 1) travel and hotel costs (to visit family) and 2) house and related expenses to continue work. How is that for fun start to the New Year?