Sunday, February 16, 2014

Frozen {Again}

On February 7, 2014, I got up around 7:00am and checked outside as usual. There was nothing out of the ordinary. It was a very cold world though - below freezing.

I check the weather again around 10:00 and noticed it was drizzling. There was a fog forming. Still no ice even though it was below freezing.

And then, just before noon - I checked the weather once again and the temperature had DROPPED. I also noticed one lone icicle had formed from the mist/drizzle/rain. I put on my coat and went outside and nearly froze to death. But, I had to take a picture before dashing back indoors.

I checked the weather again around 3:00pm and much to my surprise, the lone icicle tripled!

I also noticed a cool piece of ice formed on a discarded piece of flooring. Water was dripping down from an icicle on the the roof creating a stalagmite like formation.

With this said, I am tired of the cold. It rarely gets below freezing down here and yet, it has at least three different times! And, it went below on the night of February 11th! Sheesh. I believe this is our April -- spring is trying to come and yet, winter does not want to go.