Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Layer Cake Quilt Along, Block 7 and WIP

I have not sewn or crafted much of late. I have been focusing on household chores and whatnot. I also had a bad case of the 'don't wannas'. I have not even worked on my UFO (Unfinished Objects) challenge this month. Yikes!

Now that things are somewhat under control, I feel like there can be a balance now between "working" and "playing". I am so looking forward to a little more "play" time.

Layer Cake Quilt Along:

I am two blocks behind on the Layer Cake Quilt Along. (Block 8 has been posted and Block 9 is to be posted today.) But, that is okay. Progress is still progress.

When we received the pattern for block 7, I picked out the fabrics and cut them per directions. This was my original choice in the design (use of fabrics). However, I did not like it.
So, I tried switching around the colors of the pinwheels and liked that better. I had to cut four more corner squares (brown) for this arrangement. I now have four extra blue squares. Oh well, c'est la vie! Who knows, I may be able to use the extras in a future block.

Block 7; Completed on 2/18/2011

The lighting was different in the room on this day, which is why the colors are different from the previous pictures. I am rather pleased with the result of this block. I still dislike sewing triangles; but, I am getting a little more comfortable and relaxed dealing with them.

WIP (Work In Progress):

A current WIP is a quilting label to put on my Mother's Maxine quilt. I did not have the time to create one before giving the quilt to her. I barely got the quilt itself done in time for Christmas!

Created on 2/18/2011

I used freezer paper to stabilize the muslin along with a permanent fabric pen. I will be taking this home with me and sewing it onto the back of the quilt while I am there.

Another WIP is a Maxine pillowcase for Mother's birthday which is on Monday. I thought she would like a pillowcase to go with her quilt. I will get started on that today (I hope). I want to get it done as soon as possible because I do need to pack and get ready to go!

As some of you already know, I am going to visit with my Mother and a brother and his family. I am staying for a week as there are some things I would like to do.

Besides sewing the label onto the Maxine quilt, I want to take the time to explore my folk's house and scan in any documents or pictures I find that I think may be of interest to us and the family. Hopefully, this will be the final effort (besides a photo album I have floating around here that I need to find).

I am also taking Dan's quilt with me. (You can find a picture of it here.) This was my February's UFO challenge. Obviously, I am behind with this. I didn't even start it. I know, I know. I am bad. But maybe, I will get some of it done while I am away. We will see.