Monday, February 7, 2011

Evidence of Snow

On February 4th, We woke up to a world that had snow - real snow - the type that sticks. Granted, this is nothing compared to the insane snow that my family received up further North. But, this is rare for us. There has not been any measurable amount of snow since 1985. So, this was a big deal.

I bundled up and went out the backyard for the sake of photographing the evidence for posterity sake. I'm glad I did because it all seems like a dream to me now - did it really happen?


Aguave Americana

By this time, Dan had come out with a twinkle in his eye and said I should go out front because what was out back was nothing. So, I followed him and discovered a white world.

Street View - East

Street View - West

Poor Dan. He actually had to scrap the ice of the windows. And, after all that work, he could not make into the office. There was a layer of thin ice underneath that snow which made it extremely dangerous. It took him twenty minutes to travel what normally takes him about five minutes. And, he heard on the radio the freeways were closed. So, he turned around and came back home.

I later heard that there were 500+ accidents here in this city alone. He did try again after lunch and made it into the office. The freeways were still closed; although, he did see people out on the freeways. Dan thinks these people snuck in through the barrels and/or someone "unofficial" moved some barrels aside. Anyway, the snow and ice on the roads had melted by this time.

Dandelion. Do you think this sucker will survive two nights of a hard freeze?

I do not know what I did here. It was pure accident. But, I'm loving the look of this picture.
Evidence of a critter running wild in the snow. I wonder what it could have been?


This was the only picture I was able to snap of her out there. She was just too cute. When I opened the door, she hesitated and her entire body had the look of "what is that"? She often eagerly goes out; but, not this time. Once she was out on the snow, she was just too funny. She violently shook a paw with every step she took.

If my memory serves me correctly, Chessie has never seen or experienced snow in her entire life. She didn't stay out long as she didn't care for it. But, she was stubborn and stuck it out longer than I expected. I should not have been surprised because she loves being outside.

What about Gracie? She was not having any of it. I even went so far to set her out on it. She was like "no way"! She immediately made a bee line for the door and disappeared. I thought that was funny too!

I hope you enjoyed this. I'm am 100% sure that this is nothing compared to what most of you experienced. But hey, this was great stuff for a person like me who rarely sees snow.