Friday, February 25, 2011

Link Roundup (and a Letter)

Dear Harry aka Anonymous (and "no-reply"),

How can I answer you directly back if you are “Anonymous” and/or a "no-reply" person? I dislike answering in this manner (on the blog) as it seems so impersonal not to mention you may not receive your answer. However, just this once, I will respond to your question in this manner because the answer may be beneficial to anyone.

Your question was: Can I use part of the information from this blog post right above if I provide a backlink back to this site?

My answer: For the particular post you are referring to, I would appreciate a backlink if you use parts of my post. However, if you just want the links (to information) and none of my writings, then I do not think a backlink is necessary.

This is a tough one – when to use backlinks? If it is personal such as my writings, my photos, my travels, etc., & etc, I would appreciate a backlink and I thank you in advance for using them. Speaking of photos, do not take and use my photos without my permission. Just saying.

For the other generic posts such as the Link Roundups, I do not think a backlink is necessary. After all, those links are just provided for your reading pleasure. If you liked them, feel free to pass them on in any manner you please.

If there is any doubt to whether or not a backlink is needed, use one anyway just to be safe.


Lee Ann

Hopefully, if any of you desires communication from me, you will make sure to provide a way for me to reply back to you. Otherwise, you may never hear from me. I do not want any of you to think I’m ignoring you. I do try to make an effort to respond to each comment. It makes me sad that I am unable to respond directly to the no-replies and anonymous people.

Moving on.

Linky Loves
  • The Pancake Story. Humor

    {Note: blogger was raised Amish. I follow him because I like reading his stories based on his memories. He doesn’t post often; but, when he does, it’s usually worth reading. He has a book, Growing up Amish, coming out soon that I’m planning to buy. PS. Read the comments too. :-}

  • Simply Beautiful Photos: Moments

  • Drop Biscuits Recipe

    Dan knows these as ‘Poor Man’s Biscuits’. We used unsalted butter, raw sugar, and 2% organic milk. This is very easy and came out well. The biscuits are also very filling. I made these for ‘Biscuits and Sausage Gravy’ last Wednesday night. I want to use the leftover biscuits tonight but haven’t decided on what to make for dinner to go with the rolls. It’s tough because I don’t want too much leftovers seeing that I will be gone for a week. Maybe I’ll just make some honey butter and have these for snacks. Ha!
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Joshua 1:9 (NIV)