Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wordy Wednesday

Once upon a time, way back in 2010 when I stayed with Mother for several months, I would go walking at the nearby mall. I always entered and exited in the same store. This dummy (the middle one) drove me crazy every time I exited.

Why? Because every time I walked by, it would make me stop and do a double take.

Why? because it reminded me of my Grandmother. I think it is an outfit she would wear and the way that stupid dummy was standing, is the way she stood too - with shoulders back and standing tall. Give that dummy more 'up there' and add some jewelry, it would be Grandma for sure.

After weeks of having 'double takes', I finally grabbed my phone out of a pocket and snapped a picture for posterity sake. And now, I'm sharing my insanity with the world.

I mean, who does this kind of stuff? And, who gets reminded of the people they love by a stupid dummy wearing something that they might wear? Apparently, I do. And hopefully, I'm not alone in getting reminders of people long gone from items and/or experiences.