Friday, February 4, 2011

Link Roundup

If you’re going to risk and maybe fail, fail at something that matters. Fail gloriously so that even in failure, lives change.    ~Jon Acuff~
  • Living Fearfully Inspirational; by Cyndi Spivey

  • I Have a List Inspirational; Decorating {I love the writing on the wall!}

  • Drawer Organizer Part 1 DIY (NOT a repeat of last week’s link)

  • Wire Basket Tutorial Craft; Pottery Barn & Ballard Designs Knockoff

  • Where This Woman Creates (Really)
    I'm often intrigued by the immaculate photos I see of people's homes and workspaces perfectly staged and decorated. Do people actually live that way? I wonder. It's too easy to compare other people's picture-perfect to my own life-in-progress and find myself lacking. Some sites I don't even read anymore, because I don't come away inspired -- I come away feeling like an inferior human being.
  • Homemade English Muffins Recipe

  • Learn about Fraudulent Coupons Tips

  • Why We Photograph
    Photography should make you happy. Never let someone impede on your personal happiness. You love HDRs and someone else doesn’t – who cares? You are enamored with landscapes but your friends think they’re droll – don’t let it bother you. You’re a fashion nut but no one gets your style – just keep being you. Enjoy your photography for what it is – your own. Know that not everyone will appreciate it, but if it personally fulfills you, that’s all that truly matters. Be true to yourself and you’ll never regret a day of your life.

  • Lightscoop Givewaway Photography; Gadget; Giveaway ends Feb 10, 2010 at 5 pm CST

The LORD is my light and my salvation –
whom shall I fear?
The LORD is the stronghold of my life –
of whom shall I be afraid?
~Psalm 27:1~

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