Monday, September 13, 2010

Our Camping Trip: August 1 - 7, 2010

On August 1st, 2010, we went camping at Garner State park. We stayed for a week and had a very good time. We took lots of pictures and I'm finally getting around to posting a few. More will come later.

{Note: All pictures came from either three different cameras: Mine, Dan's, and a ugly Vivitar digital water camera that I got on an extreme clearance.}

These are a few things we did:

Of course, before we left, we had to pack. Or rather, he packed up all our crap and I watched. Ha! Dan took the time to set up and take various pictures. And, he came up with this one picture which I thought was cool.

Upon arriving, the first thing we did was set up our tent. I'm loving the second picture above, it looks like the rain shield is overwhelming Dan. Ha!

And then, we had lunch. One of the many eating times we had together. We usually either had just a sandwich or some cold Pasta Salad -- easy to get together in the heat.

By this time, it was hot as blazes. So, we changed, lathered on suntan lotion, packed some snacks, and went down to the river to check it out.

Geez, it's cold!

What do you expect from the Rio Frio? Frio means "cold" in spanish.

We went down to the river practically every late morning and/or early afternoon and stayed for "hours" because it was so hot.

We also cooked up and made dinner every evening. This was Italian chicken which turned out delicious. We also had Camp Spaghetti, Cola Burgers, Hot Dogs, Pasta Salad, and Baked Taters.

Every morning, while it was still just warm, I would grab my camera, go wandering and shoot people, errr, things. :-)

And, this is my bodyguard. He would just quietly grab his camera and follow me.

And, we do yet more swimming...

We did a lot of reading late in the afternoons.

Or, in Dan's case, playing video games.

We also watched the birds late in the morning and whenever we were relaxing at the campsite. We had set up a platform bird feeder and a bell feeder to attract the various birds at Garner.

This was our campsite. It wasn't much; but, it was home for 7 days.

More cooking (for dinner). This time was for baked taters (fully loaded).

We also went tubing one afternoon. How do you like my "big yellow boat"? Ha!

We took off from near our campsite and ended up at the Dam. We were told it is a 2-1/2 hour float. Ha! It turned out to be a 4 hour float. We walked up to the camp store and spent $6 to catch a shuttle back to our campsite.

So, that was our camping trip in a nutshell.

And oh, one cannot go camping without doing this on some late evenings.

S'mores. YUM!