Monday, September 20, 2010

Frustrated & a Small Update on Mother

I wanted to post more pictures taken during our camping trip to Garner in the beginning of August. But, this broadband card is giving me grief - it's too dang slow. I'm a frustrated blogger here. Can't you tell?

So anyway, I will just postpone that until next Monday. In the meantime, I plan to work on arranging the pictures and writing it all out on my laptop. Hopefully, that will make posting it all the easier come next Monday.

For all of those who are interested and concerned about my Mother, she's is doing good. She has actually lost weight and looks healthier. She is also acting a bit stronger. She did mention upon being questioned about her ability to get up on her own that she thinks she's afraid to fall. I mentioned that she needs to get beyond that fear if she ever wants to get out of the place she is in. She agreed.
She appears to be doing rather well.

I'm off this frustrating broadband connection. Time for lunch and then I'll do a little shopping before going to see Mother. I hope y'all will have a wonderful day.