Friday, September 17, 2010

Indiscriminate Contemplations

Indiscriminate Contemplations == Random Thoughts

Well, it happened. Last Tuesday, Gracie lost her balance on the back of this chair and hooked me (back of my left arm/shoulder) in the process. It hurt so badly. At first, I thought there was only one puncture wound; but, after looking in the mirror, I noticed that there were three. What is amazing about it is that the wounds are spread quite apart from one another. She’s a tiny little thing and I never thought her toes (on one paw) could spread that far apart. I think she hooked me with two front toes and the one dewclaw. So anyway, I cleaned the wounds up and I’m fine. She’s fine too. But, she’s also banned from the back of this chair while I’m in it. I can’t indulge her – I have to protect us both.

Last weekend was kind of a spendy weekend. Yes, I know, “spendy” isn’t a word. But, it conveys what I mean. We went shopping. I had coupons. We bought stuff. Most were good purchases such as some needed clothes. Some were impulsive purchases such as fabric.

The bad thing is that Monday was also spendy for me. I noticed Michaels had a 40% sale on Bead Gallery strand beads in their ads. They also had a 15% off the entire purchase of Bead Gallery beads in the ads. So, I went, I found beads I loved and I spent. I also cut out a 50% off coupon and bought a cool pendant to hold needles. I needed something like that for when I travel and want to sew (such as in Mom’s room at her place).

Speaking of Mom, I’ll be gone for a week – going to visit with and stay at Mother’s house. We’re also going to take a Fly Fishing class Saturday. Yes, I’m a student. But, I think I most likely will be just taking pictures while Dan does all the work of learning. Ha!

So anyway, blog postings may be light because I will not have access to the internet except through the Broadband card only.

Did y’all realize it’s only 99 more days ‘til Christmas? That’s right. 99 more days ‘til Christmas. And no, I didn’t take the time to figure this out. A frugal blogger I follow did. So, are you ready for Christmas? Started shopping? Done with shopping? As for me, I haven’t thought much about it. I am going to reread Janet Dailey’s “A Capital Holiday” first. Maybe that will get me into the right spirit or frame of mind for the Holidays. It’s a very good book and surprising, inspirational.

Speaking of books, I finished “Let Them Eat Cake” by Sandra Byrd. There were moments that I got were “ah ha” moments. It is an inspirational/Christian fiction. It was a good quick read; but, not worth the full price. And no, I didn’t purchase it for $13.99. Yes, this book was that at regular price – outrageous, huh? I got it on clearance for $3.99 and even that is a little more than I usually want to spend on a book that I don’t know much about in the way of subject and author.

Here are some links that I found since last Friday that was interesting to me. Thought y’all might find them interesting too.

Your Financial Compass Knowing Which Way is North
Finance, Christian, Biblical Principles (need to check things out biblically)

Perfect Wizard of Oz Cake
Pictures of a Wizard of Oz cake – I found it cute

On the Go for God poem
A poem. Inspirational. May change your perspective on moving (exercising)…

Itty Bitty Apron Tutorial for Dolls
Sewing/Crafting. Tutorial. Aprons for dolls. For those of you who have little girls with Barbie (or similar) dolls. Too cute.

Well, I’ve got to go. I need to get started on packing and all that jazz. I hope y’all will have a blessed and safe weekend!