Saturday, September 25, 2010

My Friday...

I guess today is my Friday on this blog. My real Friday was busy from the get go.

Before I go on, if any of you talk to my Mother, please do not let her know what happened – she doesn’t need the additional stress or worry about her house.

I woke up as usual on Friday – around 6:30am. But, I was feeling sluggish and lazy. So, I snoozed for about 20 minutes more. I finally dragged myself out of bed and still half asleep, went downstairs.

Imagine my surprise upon stepping into a puddle of water while staggering toward the kitchen to get breakfast and Excedrin. I was suddenly startled awake. I looked up and saw water all over the bar and kitchen countertop. I looked up even further and noticed water dripping off the backside of the upper kitchen cabinets. I was galvanized into action. I almost ran outside in my jammies; but, I realized I wasn’t dressed appropriately. So, I ran upstairs to rapidly make myself decent and ran downstairs and out the door with a thingamabob to turn the water off with.

I didn’t know what the heck I was doing even though I had a slight inclination from my brother’s description to me in the past and watching Dan turn on the water once. The water didn’t stop coming through the pipes immediately and I panicked. I ended up calling Dan just a little after 7:00am, not once, but twice, making sure I did things right. Once I realized the water was indeed turned off, I relaxed. I immediately had the shakes and a headache from the stress.

I don’t think I can stay in that old rickety house alone again. What if it had been worse? Most of you don’t know that I am deaf. It’s a constant worry about things going wrong in the middle of the night because I will not hear anything. As a result, I’d want someone there with me if a disaster happened.

Anyway, It took all the towels in the house to sop up the water from the carpet not to mention up the bar and kitchen countertop. When I laid down the first towels on the carpeting, they were literally dripping wet within minutes. I threw them into the dryer to get them dried. By the time I used the last of the towels, the carpet was still wet/damp. But, it wasn’t splashing every time I took a step. I got the ceiling fans and the one lone fan I found going at the suggestion of my brother.

Due to the water being shut off, I couldn’t take a shower. I didn’t want to stay there at the house without any water anyway. So, I booked a hotel nearby. I packed up all my stuff and then left the house for lunch. I then went to see Mother and then went over to the hotel for an early check-in because I was desperate for a shower. This room is cool. I’ll have to see if I can take pictures later.

My brother went over there late in the afternoon, estimated where the pipe broke, cut through the second floor and found the leak. But, since he didn’t have the time or the desire to attempt to fix it, he called the plumber and that guy will show up sometime today to fix the pipe.

So anyway, instead of my usual random thoughts, I’ll leave you with several links that I came across since last Friday.

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