Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Rest of Road Trip to Missouri

We continued on towards Muskogee, OK after our brief detour to clear off the sludge that splashed on our truck. We decided to have lunch in Muskogee and started looking around for a place to eat.

The one thing we wanted to do on this trip/vacation was eat at places we normally do not eat. In other words, we wanted to go local or eat in chains that are not where we live.

We passed this place and Dan pointed out the building thinking it was just a bakery. I saw that it also had a restaurant by this sign. So, we turned around and went back.

The building is unassuming until you get up close. I love all the "signs" and benches and stuff.

We walked in and it's a fairly tiny place. It had what I call a general store on one side which sold homemade goodies such as jams, jellies, and candy along with cookbooks, t-shirts, and other miscellaneous things.

On the other side was the restaurant or tea room. It was cozy and very rustic looking. I actually liked sitting in here. As I mentioned previously in a bullet point, we both had Chicken Tetrazzini with two sides, which was a lunch special. I took one bite and it was so good. To me, it was comfort food and it took me back to the days of childhood when my Mom made dinner from scratch.

There were no Amish people here. Usually, you don't see Amish at places like these. You only see people who are like middlemen -- they get the merchandise from the Amish and then turn around and sell it to people like us. But, the people working here were nice folks.

We hit the road again after we had our bellies filled. It's a long road trip. I'm so glad we split it up in two days. Twelve hours in the car would have been a little too much for me. As it was, we only drove about eight hours on this day.

We always see this building along the way. It straddles I-44, which is also the Will Rogers turnpike, in Vinita, OK. It once laid claim to being the World's Largest McDonalds. I believe it was also known as the "Glasshouse". We used to stop here in long days past; but, we no longer do so.

FYI: I believe the claim of World's Largest McD is now in Florida somewhere and I heard that the building is in the shape of french fries. One word. Ick. is that a word? If is it isn't, it should be as it conveys my sentiments exactly.