Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Beautiful Pendant from a Farmers Market

(my husband is wearing the maroon-ish t-shirt)

On the first morning of our vacation in Missouri, we decided to go to a Farmers Market held at a nearby mall.

I've been to a few Farmers Markets; but, let me tell you, this is the type of a Farmers Market that exist in my mind. Until this one, most of the Farmers Markets I've attended had lots and lots of merchandise; but, very few vegetables and fruits being sold by local farmers, which is always a disappointment to me.

This one was different. This one was what I thought a Farmers Market should be. The vast majority of the vendors were selling fruits and vegetables. There was one selling local honey at a decent price. And, another was selling plants. It is exactly what I envisioned a Farmers Market should be.

There was also a lone vendor selling jewelry. I rarely buy jewelry or other stuff from Markets like these; but, I looked anyway. There was one pendant that caught my eye and heart. I couldn't get it out of my mind as I finished looking around. So, I went back and purchased it.

Isn't it pretty? It came with a card and cute a gift bag. I checked out the website listed on her card. It does not appear that she sells her jewelry online. Her jewelry is definitely affordable though. This pendant was $14 -- about half the cost (or more) of most of the jewelry like these I find online. I absolutely love it.

Isn't it gorgeous? I absolutely love the word Faith, the details such as the cross and the hearts, and the look of beaten metal...

One last note about this Farmers Market.

I really liked this man selling some of his produce. Don't ask me why. Maybe it's his rough and tough beard and hair. Or maybe it's his overalls. He just seemed very rustic, natural or homey to me.