Thursday, July 29, 2010

Dan's Middle Brother and his Family

On the afternoon of the sixth day of vacation, we met up with another of Dan's brothers. He happens to be smack dab in the middle of all the siblings. They have a lively six year old son and just had twins, a boy and a girl, only several months old. We had a very relaxing time and I held the baby boy for awhile -- he was just too cute.

I personally think that Dan captured the best pictures in the entire vacation, and one of them was priceless in my humble opinion. He wasn't into taking a whole lot of pictures this time around. But, when he did, he took some good pictures. I think the best one is in this collection below. I'll let you be the judge. (His pictures are noted directly below each one he took.) Enjoy.

{Picture by Dan} This is Grandma (Dan's Mom) with the twin girl

{Picture by Dan} holding the twin boy

{Picture by Dan}

The look on this kid's face is priceless. He is a Star Wars fan and was messing around with a toy lightsaber.