Saturday, July 31, 2010

No Internet, No Cell Phones, No Television

Beginning tomorrow, we will be gone for a week, eight days, and

Doing what?



At my favoritest camping spot on the face of the earth


I know. I know. “favoritest” ain’t a word. Neither is “ain’t”; but, at this moment, I do not care. So there! Ha!

As I was saying, before I was so rudely interrupted, we’ll be gone a week. We will be with no internet, no cell phones, and no TV. There

Say what? How will you ever survive?

Like I always have in the past… by swimming, by playing, by reading, by sleeping, by people watching, by hiking, by eating, by getting hurt… Scratch the last three words. There is always….

I hear a story in there somewhere

Let’s just say that I landed in the ER with a badly cut eye the last time we went. And, the time before that, I ended up spending most of the trip on the camp bed with a bad back and ended up in the ER with an infection of some kind and a reaction to Aleve, which I’ve never taken before.

As I was saying before I was rudely interrupted yet again, there is always something to do – even being bored is something to do. Ha! It’s going to be a bit of Heaven on earth – just pure relaxation in the middle of one of the earth’s beautiful spots.

There isn’t enough signal strength at this place for the internet or our cell phones. And, I have never believed in taking a TV along like some people do with their satellite dishes. This spot, on their website, does claim to have Wi-Fi; but, I highly doubt it. If they do, I will get on in case of emergencies. But, that is it. Nothing else. So, you’ll have to make do without any bloggy posts in bloggy land from me for a whole week. How will you survive?

By doing the some of the same things you will be doing, reading, eating, playing…

Awwww. Phooey. I was hoping you say you would miss me and will not be able to survive without me.


Lee Ann and Dan will be at Garner from Sunday, August 1st, through Sunday, August 8th