Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Signs of Gardening II (Rest of March)

Yukon Gold Potatoes; 3/16/2014

Red Onions; 3/16/2014

Cucumbers (pickling); 3/17/2014

Blackberry Buds; 3/21/2014

Note: I do not expect to see any berries this year as the bush is still getting itself established. In fact, I prefer that the plant concentrate on establishing and growing before producing berries.

Blackberry Flower(s); 3/29/2014

Blueberries; 3/29/2014

Note: As with the blackberries, I do not expect to see berries this year as this bush was planted early this spring. I prefer that it would establish itself and grow first.

Grape Bush; 3/29/2014

Note: This bush has established itself and has really grown since this date. I actually had to start training using kitchen twine. This one will produce blue grapes that is good for turning into jams and jellies. I have also purchased another grape bush which is doing good and will produce green grapes. It is my hope to eventually have at least three grape bushes on the property.

Lone Raspberry; 3/29/2014

Note: As with both the blueberry and blackberry bush, I do not expect any berries this year. This one is struggling to survive. I will have to pamper it along as Raspberries typically do not grow down here.