Friday, April 25, 2014

Feline Friday {Stalking}

Shot on March 5, 2014

This little girl, Gracie, is always stalking me. She hollers at me when she gets close and demands attention. She often photobombs my efforts making me give up for a bit and give her the attention she demands. I love her fur when she is outdoors as the red (orange) really shines in the sunlight.

Shot on March 12, 2014

She looks grumpy here, does she not? She got tired of following me. When I saw her here and the wildflowers, I thought it would make a pretty picture.

I am not sure why the coloring in the pictures are strikingly different. It could be that it was cloudy on the second picture. I need to start journaling what is what when I take pictures so that I can continue to learn.