Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Making Decisions == Headaches {True}

{About the title: '==' is a relational operator meaning "equal to" in a programming language (C++). In other words, does making decisions bring on headaches? In my case, the title evaluates as true. Yes, I am being silly playing around. I miss programming; but, I do not miss the rat race that comes with the career.}

I have a framed picture that Dan bought me years ago. It used to hang above our fireplace in our north Houston home. It is now going to be placed in my room. This piece is the inspiration for colors within the room. As you can probably see, the wall color is an extreme close match to the background color of the picture.

I have colors chosen for a project; but, I cannot decide between the top two middle colors. (The green color is for another project).

I was looking at them Monday night and was thinking that the rose color would be best. However, in the light of day yesterday (which is when I took this picture), I really liked the purple. Yes, purple is not one of the colors in the painting; but, it coordinates. At least, I think it does. And besides, purple is one of my favorite colors. (The other favorite is green).

The problem is what is really the best color to choose? Hmmmm... I dislike making decisions like these as it gives me a headache. I think it is the stress of wanting to get it correct (pleasing to the eye) and yet, making me happy at the same time.