Friday, December 7, 2012

A Week in Pictures (#11)

Christmas Lights (outdoors) 11/30/2012

We put up Christmas lights for the first time in years. It is not much; but, it is a start. Next year will be more as I hope to buy some outdoor lights on sale after Christmas.

From here on, I am doing the

i heart faces: {1 Photo – 32 Days} December Photo Challenge.

I am not actively participating in the challenge itself by posting to other forums such as instagram, twitter (with hashtag, #iHeartFaces), flicker, blogs and more. I am just taking a picture of the day and sharing them via post(s) on my blog.

Me (Introduce Yourself) 12/1/2012

{To see a larger image, go here}

I am a wannabe DIYer; but, in reality, Dan does most of the hard work while I just have the vision. I am actually scared of power tools; so, I will only use them when he is around. On this day, Dan was working on putting up the new casings around the doors. He needed three hands; so, he asked me to help. He gave me the nail gun and showed me where to shoot it on the casing. The first time I hit the trigger, the air coming off of it blew in my face and I let out a tiny scream. It scared me to death. Well, not really seeing that I am still alive. Ha! I kept on using that sucker until all side casings were up. I actually had fun in spite of being terrified!

Dan knew I needed to come up with a new picture of me and he suggested the idea of me using the nail gun. I loved the idea and set the camera and tripod up. I had Dan push the trigger (on the camera) since he was readily available. In the end (the last shot and above picture), we went for the real thing because all the other pictures looked fake. I told Dan I would fire on three. He pressed the shutter on three and this is the result. I was actually trying to smile and keep my eyes open; but, holy crap. That gun scares the bejabbers out of me. The picture of me actually makes me laugh!

By the way, if you are new here, you can go to my About Me page. My life is still in chaos; but, it is happy chaos at the moment. My sewing and cutting table is still at the furniture shop. So, I haven’t done any sewing lately. It is just as well considering that room is a disaster and still needs to be unpacked. I am slowly unpacking; but, it is taking time because I am determined to put the fabrics onto “bolts”. It does not help that I am “unfocused”. I’d start a task and then remember to do something else only to return to the original task two hours later. Dan can testify to this problem of mine if you ask him. Ha!

Elf 12/2/2012

This is a childhood beaded craft Christmas ornament. My mother had us kids make a lot of beaded ornaments while growing up. I do not know which one of us made this particular one – most likely all three of my older brothers each made one (there are three of these total) as sticking pins in a plastic doll is a tough thing to do. The red felt like texture on the doll has faded and discolored throughout the years. However, it is still a darling little ornament.

What You’re Reading 12/3/2012

In Every Flower by Patti Hill. Third in the Garden Gates series. Christian Fiction.

I bought the first three books of this series on an extreme clearance. All three are okay reads. I just recently read this quote from this particular book and it made me chuckle.

She spoke over her shoulder. “I have a new theory about global warming, and I’m dead serious about this, so don’t you go pooh-pooh-ing it. You know, don’t you, that there are 40 million baby boomer women in America, all being taken off their estrogen at the same time? Every room I walk into shoots up thirty degrees. Now think of 40 million women hot flashin’. I know I’m right. Get yourself somethin’ to drink, sugar, while I cool down a bit.”

Shadow Play 12/4/2012

This idea is not unique in itself. This is one shot, one picture, taken on a timer. I had to wait until after 3:30 p.m. because it was raining and cloudy most of the day. The sun finally came out and I was glad because I did not know what else I would have done. I do not think I will ever do this again with cats as they are very uncooperative subjects. I also do not think I will ever do something like this again which requires some heavy editing of the photo itself. However, I am very pleased with the result. It is not perfect; but, I am satisfied. It will do.

Someone I Love 12/5/2012

This is my Grandmother, Viola Mae. I love her very much.

I had a really hard time with this category. I love my Dan; but, he is away at work during the day and he is not a very cooperative subject (I think he does not like getting his picture taken). I love all my brothers. I love my nieces and nephews and all their children. I adore many of my cousins and enjoy seeing their children grow up virtually. However, these people are not readily available for me to take pictures. Plus, I am not comfortable posting pictures of people (besides Dan and me) on this blog.

I love my mother and my dad. I wanted to take a picture of a favorite picture of them together; but, I do not have one printed yet. I am planning to get one printed and hang it out up the wall in the hallway along with my Gram.

The above picture will have to do.

Burst of Red: Wide Angle lens 12/6/2012

{To see a larger image, go here}

This was my toughest challenge yet. By the way, red doesn’t translate well into the pictures – especially lights!

I had a tough time choosing a favorite among the few that turned out well. They are all very different. The above picture was taken with my wide angle lens. You can get that starred effect with any lens if you understand lighting, aperture and all that crap. I am still struggling with the concepts; but, I understand so much more these days because I am forcing myself to practice and not only practice, but think about those things.

Bonus Image I:

Burst of Red: Macro 12/6/2012

I wanted to show you what happens with a macro lens if you can figure it all out (how to get stars). I thought it was cool effect because it had more star points!

Bonus Image II:

Burst of Red: Psychedelic 12/6/2012

Apparently, I was messing with the camera trying to figure out things and I did not realize that I pressed the trigger. Unlike many people, including my husband, I cannot hear the shutter opening and closing. Also, I have the preview screen turned off to save the battery. As a result, I did not realize a picture was taken. I laughed upon opening up this one to view. I feel this is a happy accident. I also think this picture is rather cool. Of course I would. I am weird like that. Ha!