Monday, December 31, 2012

A Week In Pictures (#14)

Well, I said I would endeavor to post week #14 last Friday. I never made it due to sickness. In fact, I am still sick. I even lost my voice (Laryngitis) and let me tell you it was not fun. So anyway, here is a week in pictures Enjoy.

Wrapped 12/21/2012

I wrapped my wrist with lots of bracelets. This works, correct?

Warmth 12/22/2012

These mittens were made for my brother’s family by our Grandmother. I still have a few of my own from her including some socks.

Bokeh 12/23/2012

I did not spend a lot of time with this and honestly, I did not really care. But, this turned out pretty good, correct?

Twas the Night 12/24/2012

…to party and pig out on delicious food!

Unwrapped 12/25/2012

All the papers and boxes ended up in a neat pile in the center of the room. And no, these are not ours…

Toy 12/26/2012

Dan collects Mustang cars and for the first time in several years, he found a couple.

Favorite Thing 12/27/2012

I have had this pen bag for a very long time and I do love me some Sharpies and more.