Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Untied (Loose) Ends are Sad

Lt. Colonel Ralph Fowler, Ret.

We would occasionally get junk mail for this particular guy. I never really thought much about them (mail). If anything appeared to be important, I would return it to the post office. But lately, Christmas cards have been trickling in for this dude and it made me feel sad that some people did not know he has not lived here for some time as we bought this house back in May.

So, I went a researching using the name above that was on the front of an envelope and found an Obit. I was amazed that I found something that matched the little details I knew and I was floored by the obit itself. It appears that this man led a very full life and passed away just six days shy of his 100th birthday. My sadness belonged to the people mailing the Christmas cards because they do not know of his passing…

And today, I discovered a package for a Ralph Fowler was left just inside the gate (of our yard). Today, my sorrow for those who obviously cared about this man is renewed because there were two more Christmas cards addressed to him. The package itself was from WSU Creamery – more specifically, the president of WSU.

The box said to refrigerate upon arrival. So, I knew that it had dairy product(s) inside. I did a little research and found a phone number. I had Dan call the creamery to determine whether or not we needed to return the package. They said to keep it and they will let the appropriate people know the situation.

I feel really weird about opening and keeping stuff meant for the dead. (By the way, the christmas cards were returned to the Post Office). I opened the package and it turned out to be a can of sharp white cheddar cheese. The above picture does not do it any justice. It is a HUGE can. I am fascinated by this cheese and I googled “WSU creamery” and found a link. I have discovered that 1) it is natural cheese (not processed) and 2) in their research, cans were the best option for storing cheese.

I then returned to the obit and upon close examination, I discovered that Ralph Fowler and his wife (who passed away in 1997) has a scholarship fund at WSU. I am assuming that WSU is grateful for their activism at the university and sent a Christmas gift and card to this man. But then, what do I really know? I can only assume things from a few clues I discovered in this situation.

I am not sure why I am writing. I feel sadness for the people left behind – those who sent Christmas cards. They do not even know he is gone. Untied (loose) ends are just sad.