Thursday, December 27, 2012

A Week in Pictures (#13)

I am catching up on the Week in Pictures posts. I will endeavor to post #14 tomorrow and if I managed to succeed, I will be all caught up! I hope everyone who celebrates the season had a wonderful holiday.

B&W 12/14/2012

I took this picture while Gracie was exploring outside. Near bedtime, I realized I had not taken a picture for this day’s subject; so, I turned this one into a B&W image. Not too shabby.

Something Yummy 12/15/2012

My dinner: Cracker Pizza.

Hands at Work 12/16/2012

We painted the new front door on this day and while painting, I remembered the topic for the day’s subject and grabbed the camera and started taking pictures of Dan painting. It works.

Comfort 12/17/2012

I really did not feel like taking pictures. But, I mustered up enough energy to set up this shot. It’s not the greatest and slightly blurry; but, at the time, I did not really care. And, I have got to say that blurry was exactly how I felt on this day anyway. Ha!

No Image for “It’s Cold Outside” 12/18/2012

I could not think of a subject matter to shoot for this day; so, there is no picture. Down here in central Texas, it is very warm anyway. In fact, the high on this day was 83* F.

Light 12/19/2012

I love candles. So, I set this up and snapped a few pictures.

Bonus Image: Light 12/19/2012

Dan was watching and helping me while I was setting this up and shooting. After all, It is a fire hazard! Anyway, he decided he wanted to play too and I willing participated by modeling for him. I love how this turned out.

Furry Faces 12/20/2012

Gracie is very sleepy and grumpy.

Bonus Image: Furry Faces 12/20/2012

She pulled in her lone paw and closed her eyes. I took pity on her and left her alone soon after this shot.