Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Wordy Wednesday {The Barn Continued}

The Beginning
Continued I

Note: The weekend of April 10th and 17th was cloudy not to mention we had storms on the 17th. So, all pictures reflect the gloomy (cloudy) days and are not all that great.

The floor of the barn and the deck of the porch was laid and completed on the April 10th.

A closeup shot of the flooring and deck. We plan to stain the decking in the future to further protect it from the weather.

The first wall (back wall) was built and put up on April 16th. We managed to do this all by ourselves against the wind. I was amazed and impressed with what we managed to do!

The front wall was built on April 16th and put up on the morning of 17th. We failed our first attempt. It was a little heavier on account of the header built for the door. The Gardener must have seen our humiliation because he offered to help. I am thankful for his help because we got it on the second attempt.

The other two walls were built and put up in between storms on the 17th. These were a heck of a lot easier to put up! We were extremely tired, wet and sore folks by the end of the day!

The barn door side view.

The plan is to take off Saturday and finish putting on the siding this Sunday (April 24). We may even get started on the joists that will support the ceiling and loft.