Monday, April 11, 2016

Weekly Recap #14

{April 4 through April 10, 2016}


  • The gardens are coming along fabulously. The lemon tree that split in half is still doing great and has many blooms. The apple tree has a couple of blossoms; but, since this is the first year, I do not expect either of them to bear fruit. Our old pecan tree also sprouted leaves. Both Dan and I were worried it did not survive due to gopher damage. But, it seems to be doing rather well! We also have lavender, taters (potatoes), cucumbers, peas, and a few other herbs such as Basil growing. I spent some time this past Sunday doing some heavy weeding in the main garden in spite of a storm threatening and Dan said there was thunder. (He came to help me after he finished trimming the plywood on the barn). The storm was all threats and bluster because it never did directly hit us.
Quilting; Crafts

  • I cut fabric to make a Pershing block for Section 2 of the Gypsy Wife Quilt. I think it is going to be one crazy cool block when it is finally sewn together. I struggled the rest of the week due to stress and anxiety related illnesses. (See “Miscellaneous” below.) I plan to sew the block up either today or tomorrow.
  • splish splash stash

DIY Shed aka "The Barn"

  • Progress was a little slower this weekend due to the fact

    1. We went to the city to shop for windows at Habitat for Humanity. We did not find any windows that were the right size – most were way too big. However, I did shop among the rugs. I found a 9 x 6 rug would work for the cats. Yes, I am that crazy cat lady. I bought a rug for the cats. They immediately took possession and raised Cain. How do I know this? The rug was askew when I went into the room check on them. And, this happened twice! Dan put some non-skid stuff underneath to prevent it from sliding around the room. Gracie loves to lay belly up on the thing and Abby goes nuts with toys especially when I use a particular toy to play with her.

      Anyway, we ended up going to Lowe’s for the windows and we found some that were not expensive.

    2. I was sick and unable to help Dan do heavy work. In spite of this, I managed to help hammer in nails in the decking material for the porch on Sunday! I could sit and just hammer away in spite of stomach troubles.
  • I plan to post pictures of progress soon.

  • I neglected to mention that I broke a molar in my last recap post and it happened on a Saturday morning! I was eating a breakfast bar that had almonds. I crunched on an almond and my tooth broke. I was shocked. It didn’t hurt; but, it felt funny. It was also slicing and dicing my tongue.

    I went to see the dentist first thing Tuesday morning. The almond did more than just break the corner of my tooth; it cracked it practically in half which means another corner of the tooth is weak. As a result, I must have a crown put on to save the tooth. He filed down the tooth a little so that it would not slice and dice my tongue anymore. The work for the temporary crown was done Thursday morning. Fun and games. NOT!

    Anxiety and stress over getting shots to numb my mouth and the actual work to be done made me sick. It took my body about four days to recover. I was still suffering stomach issues Sunday morning.

    Anyway, I go back to the dentist on April 21st to get the permanent crown. I am not looking forward to it; but, I know from past history, it is not as bad. However, I do not know this dentist well and I do not know what their procedures are for putting on permanent crowns. So far, they have been great!

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