Monday, April 18, 2016

Weekly Recap #15

{April 11 through April 17, 2016}

Just an advanced warning. I am real tired from not getting enough sleep overnight on account of pain. So, please excuse any spelling and grammar mistakes that I have not caught via editing.


  • The gardens are still sprouting. The tater (potato) plants are huge and have sprouted tiny flowers. Yes, I buried them quite a few times until I felt I ran out of room in the tater box to keep filling with dirt. The peas have shot up practically overnight. And, we got a few strawberries. I am pleased.
Quilting; Crafts

  • My first attempt (left) on the Pershing block for Section 2 of the Gypsy Wife Quilt was not great. It is badly skewed (not squared). So, I made a second block with the help of tips and notes off the interwebs including one from a facebook friend. I am real pleased with my second effort. This is all I did for a week! I do not think I will ever make another Pershing block as it is very difficult to make!

    I am saving the block I scrapped for the backing. I tend to use leftover blocks and fabrics to make the backing. So, we shall see.

  • splish splash stash

DIY Shed aka "The Barn"

  • I never did post pictures of the progress of the barn, did I? Oh well. We now have all four walls up in spite of threats of storms. In fact, at one point, when a flash of lightning appeared a ways off, I yelled "I'm out of here", dropped my hammer and nails and ran for the door. Dan laughed; but, he calmly picked up the tools and headed for indoors too. I may laugh about it now; but, thunderstorms make me extremely nervous.

    Anyway, I am thankful the gardener (neighbor) helped us put the second wall up because we failed on our first attempt. We had no troubles with the "side" walls as they were much lighter. We put up the last wall after the thunderstorm passed through. Another one was brewing while we were finishing up securing that wall.

    I plan to post pictures of the progress soon. Key word is “plan”.

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