Sunday, February 28, 2016

Weekly Recap #8

{February 21 through February 27, 2016}


  • We finished planting the trees (a Lemon hybrid and an Gala tree) and the rest of the daffodils. I am concerned for the daffodils which decided to bloom after it rained two nights in a row giving us a total of 3.25 inches of rain because the temperatures dropped to 33 degrees one night leaving frost on the ground.
  • We went outside to check the grounds for gopher activity when much to our surprise, there was a gopher above ground acting funny. I have since learned via research online that they can wander above ground gathering food in their cheeks to store below ground. We didn't mess with it too much; but, when it started digging into my garden area, Dan got a bucket and a shovel, got it inside the bucket and dumped it at the back of the property. Hopefully, it will learn to stay away. Ha! We speculated that it was one of three things that caused the behavior. 1) poison (daffodils) - gophers usually avoid daffodils though, 2) sonic confusion (I have solar power sonic spikes that is supposed to drive them away from the area) or 3) it was actually searching for and gathering food.

    Anyway, I have been checking the grounds for new gopher activity as I have taken measures against them. There is evidence that what we have done for the trees is stopping them dead in their tracks. There is also evidence that they definitely do NOT like daffodils. I actually saw evidence of one gopher coming above ground and digging down to the roots of one daffodil; but, it stopped short of doing damage to the roots itself. So, I am resolved to keep the existing daffodils healthy and prolific not to mention to add more daffodils this fall.

Quilting; Crafts

  • All three sewing machines are now set up for their intended purposes.
  • Started planning for the Gypsy Wife Quilt and even picked out and started cutting fabrics for the first block; but, ended up quiting due to the fact I crashed (sickness).


  • I finished re-stocking the newly renovated extended pantry and am extremely happy with the results of our efforts. It brings me peace now every time I open the door. All we have left to do is painting which means we will need to empty the pantry once more in the future. I am also thinking about replacing the light fixture. But, for now, it is a wonderful space. The painting will have to wait until we redo the hallway floor which includes two of the three hallway closets.
  • I finished reading The Sword of Shannara by Terry Brooks and started reading the second book (The Elfstones of Shannara) of the trilogy. Like the first, I have read this dozens of times.
  • We are taking this weekend off and doing a staycation of a sorts. We went to Fredericksburg yesterday (February 27) for the sole purpose of attending the HIll Country Home and Garden Show. We had lunch beforehand in town and stopped by a quilt shop called One Quilt Place which is a nice shop. I did not get a single thing though as I go for sales (clearance) and there was no evidence of a clearance section in the store.

    Anyway, the home and garden show was small but fun to peruse. I love going for ideas and the like not to mention getting names of businesses. I ended up buying some honey and salts from a local business that grows her own herbs and whatnot. I have always like supporting local businesses and farmers markets.

    We stopped by Kerrville on the way home. I wanted to go to another quilt shop called Creations. I went there years ago and it's a lovely store. Again, I did not buy a single thing. I am way too cheap! But, I do love going for ideas and whatnot. I ended up making two trips around (inside) the store before leaving as it was filled with everything under the sun a quilter would want.

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