Sunday, February 21, 2016

Weekly Recap #7

{February 14 through February 20, 2016}


  • We went to a nursery I have wanted to go to for over a month now. I purchased some strawberry plants. These tend to be hard to find around here and I have missed having them last summer. We also got some advice about how to ward off gophers concerning plants and trees. So, I am going to attempt growing trees once again.

    I purchased an apple (Gala) and a Lemon hybrid (Lemon Drop) tree. We needed to go by Lowe’s to get more dirt and I ended up getting another pecan tree. We need two or more (pecan trees) to cross pollinate and I have only one surviving pecan tree growing. If the one lone pecan tree we have survives this summer, it most likely will stay alive for a very long time. I will be thrilled if the new one we purchased survives too. (general rule around here is that if a tree survives three years, then it most likely will stay alive in spite of the gophers).

  • We managed to get my new gardening plot dug up and tilled with added soil amendments. We also covered it with hay I purchased last year from a local person selling hay through facebook to protect it until planting day. It took us approximately two days because it was hard work digging up the land. I am very much thankful that Dan was willing to help because it was extremely hard work!
  • We used the advice we received about warding against gophers and planted the one pecan tree we purchased. I also purchased a bunch of daffodils and planted those around the trees. We are planning to plant the remaining trees and daffodils today.

  • I took the time one day and made twenty-five seed starter pots out of empty toilet paper rolls. They were so easy to make. The cats completely enjoyed being outside while I did this task. I have a few seeds that need to be started a couple weeks before planting and I plan to get them started today.
Quilting; Crafts

  • I continued to shop amongst my fabrics for the gypsy wife quilt and I had a blast! It was Like being in a quilt shop. I took my time and came up with what I thought is a wonderful combination of fabrics.
  • I managed to get more hand quilting of Dan's quilt done. I am getting closer to being done with this thing!
  • I worked on getting my mother’s sewing machine which was an old Kenmore that is older than me! It had some old duct tape on the plate (base) that was deteriorating. It was like fine sand. I think she used this as a guide. Anyway, I cleaned it all up and got it running smoothly. Dan helped me oiled the machine because it was so darn heavy! It was tons of fun loading the bobbin and I found a needle threader my mother had that was totally cool. I used it to thread my Brother machine too! Yes, I worked on getting the Brother machine set up and running too. I think I am all set to go with the exception of my Janome. I need to replace a part so that I can do some free motion quilting on that machine.


  • Abby Gail caught another gopher. This time (her third), she was pure huntress and killer. The last time she caught one, she still behaved like a kitten – curious and wanting to play with it. This time, not so much. I got the feeling if I had not gotten to her in time; she would shaken her head violently and killed the thing. I got a good look at the gopher and it look just like a rat. They are just rats that live below the ground. Ugh! Dan and I have talked and we have pretty much come to the conclusion that we do not care if she kills them; we just do not want her eating them. So, I will not panic so badly next time.
  • I started reading The Sword of Shannara by Terry Brooks. I have read this book dozens of times and this book about had it. The pages are falling out. I first read it when it was released in the late 1970s. In fact, it is the first fantasy book I ever read and it was just before I entered high school.

    I am reading it once again due to the fact the Shannara Chronicles is on TV. The TV series started with the second book (The Wishsong of Shannara) of the trilogy. I have been reading the book while I am down and out due to sickness (had stomach troubles one day and a minor cold with an ear ache and sore throat another day). I also tend to read while outside with the cats. I would stand out there with Abby’s leash attached to my wrist and just read. Gracie is usually so well behaved that I do not need to have her leashed up and almost always, she listens to me and stays within her boundaries that I have established.

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