Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Phone {Picture} Dump III

Camera {Picture} Dump I

Camera {Picture} Dump II

Circuit of Americas (Austin, Texas) with Dan; March 8, 2015

Circuit of Americas (Austin, Texas); March 8, 2015

{I blogged about this outing here.}

Gracie; March 13, 2015

Gray Brahman Bull; March 13, 2015

I saw a face (with teeth) in the lumber. Yes, I am strange. March 17, 2015

Gracie; March 18, 2015

First Shoots of our Pickling Cucumbers; March 20, 2015

Abby Gail; March 20, 2015

First Leaves on our Grape Bush; March 25, 2015

Abby Gail (What a Rough Life); March 29, 2015

Doctor Who’s Tardis; April 12, 2015

Mis-matched Socks; April 14, 2015

{This is how I roll most of these days. I just grab socks that are more or less alike and do not care if they match color-wise.}

I thought I saw some Timothy grass, snapped a picture and sent it to Dan;

April 15, 2015

Drum Sanders for a Drill; April 19, 2015

{We were out doing some DIY work sanding small pieces when I mentioned life would be so much easier with a drum sander. Dan pointed these out at a local Lowe's store and I was thrilled with the idea.}

Gluten Free snacks are hard to find; April 22, 2015

{I was having a day out and ended up in New Braunfels. I ended up at a Buc-cee's and found these to munch on. By the way, the dill chips were a bit too much for me; but, I had to try them.}