Tuesday, September 1, 2015

DIY: Old Drawers into Shelves

This is the only "before" picture of some old drawers that I purchased for $35.00 (for a total of four). This picture was taken way back in April with my phone.

I put in some shelves in two drawers. I added a lip using dowel rods (to help prevent things from falling off shelves). I then painted each drawer leaving the front alone. l using leftover paint from previous projects.

We finally hung them up around August 15th along with some shelves for Abby to get up high. I call the space above the built-in "Abby Land" because she can go up there and explore if she wants.

The top one is doubles up as a cat bed.

I am thinking I need to add some non-slip surface material to the shelves; but, I am not sure yet.