Friday, September 18, 2015

A Garden Spider Molting

I was fortunate to catch this one at the tail end of molting on May 27. 2015. It is freaky to watch unless you know what is happening. The following pictures are not the greatest as the wind was constantly moving her and the web.

”Ah, freedom!”

One of the first things these Garden spiders do is hang in there and spin about. Their legs are straight out for a bit.

Then they draw in their legs and stay like this for a few. They always look dead and are very vulnerable to) wasps and the like. Yes, I have seen wasps snatch them when they are in this vulnerable state and it’s shocking to witness.

They slowly relax and grab a hold of their web and rest for a bit.

This spider discarded her exoskeleton rather than eating it. Yes, sometimes they feast on their old exoskeleton.