Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Phone {Picture} Dump I

I was again shocked with the number of pictures on my phone dating from way back in December of 2014! A reminder: I often communicate with Dan via text. I would snap a picture and send it to him. Anyway, I am dumping the best ones here for posterity sake.


Abby Gail, December 20, 2014

Abby Gail, December 20, 2014

{She looked like she was suckling one of her toes. I thought it was cute.}

Purple Minion Photobomb, December 25, 2014

Cribbage. December 26, 2014.

{My hand is at the bottom. Dan’s is above. And, we cut a six. It’s rare that this happens. By the way, We both had 14 point hands.}

Dick’s Classic Car Garage (museum). December 29,2014

Old Ribbon Dispenser? Seen at an antique shop in New Braunfels. December 29, 2014

Old Ribbon Dispenser? Inside. December 29, 2014

{I thought it was pretty cool and unique. The price was outrageous though. I went back not too long ago and they still had this item in the store.}

December 29, 2014

{Why? Why did I snap this picture? Was it the 63* temp outside? Time? Hershey bar? For the life of me, I cannot remember!}

Abby Gail with Moi. January 2, 2015

{These moments were becoming rare.}

My Old Childhood Jewelry. January 8, 2015

{I finally did something with the majority of my childhood jewelry that I kept – I placed them inside a shadow box and hung them up in our guest bathroom along with a few other mementos. Most of them are tiny little pins that I wore as a tiny child whenever I dressed up. The charm bracelet has my name engraved on it and is extremely fragile. I loved the heart pendant and the opaque silhouette necklace.}

Abby Gail Being Cute Again. January 8, 2015

My Doctor Who Nails. January 12,2015

Discovered Note by Mother with Wooden Flowers. January 14, 2015.
{I blogged about it here.}

Abby Gail Gazing out at the World; January 15, 2015

Abby Gail with Moi. Another Awful Selfie. January 22, 2015