Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Phone {Picture} Dump II

Camera {Picture} Dump I

It seems I was more into selfies with Abby during this period of time. I could never get a great selfie; so, I practiced taking horrid pictures.

:: Shaking My Head ::

My First Completed Tangle with Pencil. January 23, 2015

As seen at Target: A Sharpie Pen! January 29, 2015

{I adore all things Sharpie. I have highlighters and markers. I never had a pen. Snapped a picture and sent it to Dan as a hint for future gifts.}

Abby Gail and Moi. January 30, 2015

Abby Gail and Moi. February 2, 2015

Abby Gail and Moi. February 2, 2015

Abby’s Viewpoint. February 5, 2015

Gracie. February 5, 2015

Abby Gail and Moi. February 12, 2015

A DIY Drawer Organizer (I Made) Using Yardsticks. February 17, 2015

Inside a Drawer. February 17, 2015

”Leave Me Alone” {She Cries}. February 23, 2015

”You Are Nuts!” February 23, 2015

”Fine!” February 23, 2015

Jason Cameron at the San Antonio Home and Garden Show. February 28, 2015

{Hey, I was there! I love going to shows like these.}

First Bluebonnet I sighted on our Land. March 3, 2015

{Snapped and sent to Dan.}