Friday, August 21, 2015

Feline Friday {My Mischief Maker}

These were all taken with my phone on April 29, 2015. I had just gotten my new camera and was still shooting pictures with the phone in spite of pictures turning out lousy. These will give you an idea of what I deal with day in and day out with my little mischief maker.

Oh, Let me play with your new camera.

Note: I tried to distract her. At this point, she knocked off the pen onto the floor.

But, but... The strap is wonderful toy.

Note 2: At this time, I made her quit playing with the camera because I feared that she would end up damaging it somehow...

Fine then, I'll chew on this lovely binder instead.

Note 3: At this point, I picked up the pens she knocked off onto the floor earlier and placed them back onto the sketch book to distract her from the binder.

Ohhh, what lovely toys...

What a strange noisy and mysterious creature.

Note 5: She is so funny, curious and brave. She would make a beeline for the printer whenever it starts. Her entire body would twitch when it made a noise. Sometimes, she would attack the paper coming out. She is very similar to the below YouTube cat.

I have returned... torment the camera strap.

Note 6: At this point, I tried to distract her from the camera AGAIN.

Oh, what a lovely highlighter!

I have to say that my days would be boring without this lovely energetic mischievous critter. She has blessed me and driven me crazy. I do not think I would have her in any other way.


  1. Hello Lee Ann, your kitty is curious and an explorer. Congrats on your new camera. Wonderful photos and video! Thank you for sharing, enjoy your new week!


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