Saturday, September 20, 2014

Slapdash Saturday (links)

  • 11 Problems Only Perfectionists Understand

    {Is this you? Dan (my husband) was reading it along with me and he pointed at number 9 and then pointed at me. Oh Bother! <-- Remember Pooh?}

  • The Sacred Sewing Room Tour

    {A pretty cool thing to do! You will need to dig around on the site to see before and after pictures.}

    This year, the Sacred Sewing Room program is embarking on a national tour to create a unique, beautiful and inspirational sewing room in five shelters across the country. Through this program, shelter residents will learn sewing basics that they can then use as a coping mechanism, an expression of creativity and a way to build a better future.
  • Our Daily Bread: Rooted

    {Devotional; Inspirational; Christian}

    Others can teach us the principles of their faith, but each of us must come individually to a lasting and personal faith in Christ. For faith to be real, it must become our own.