Friday, September 12, 2014

Feline Friday

I searched for a toy for Abby Gail some time ago. I wanted to get her a toy like her absolute favorite, a floppy soft rat she stole from Chessie which I had purchased at a pet store eons ago. (Chessie does not care. In fact, she rarely plays these days.)

I soon discovered that pet stores no longer sells these kind of toys for cats. So, I finally went across the aisle and went searching in the dog toys. I found the above that was sold for small dogs. I thought it would be perfect for Abby. She loved the thing. The squeaker part tends to scare her though and we plan to disable it somehow some day.

I was trying to get pictures of my messy room with tons of yardsticks on the floor when Abby came dragging her new toy into the room and plopped it in the middle of the space.

And, proceeded to start playing quietly.

She flopped herself on the floor and started wrassling with the silly thing.

(Yes, I know "wrassling" is not technically a word; but, it is a present particle of wrassle which is a infrequent used spelling of the word "wrestle". I like the wrassle and wrassling; so, I use it often when it comes to the cats.)

She tossed and bit the thing.

I am glad it was the toy and not me!

Flopped again.

And, wrassled some more.

She went insane.

It was a good solid few minutes of playtime.

It pleased me to no end to know that she had another favorite toy. Maybe, just maybe, her absolute favorite toy she stole from Chessie when she was a tiny little thing will last a little longer.

Note: These series of pictures were taken on July 1st.