Tuesday, September 9, 2014

DIY: Master Closet (Remodel)

I have been going through my clothes and stuff in the Master closet most of last week. I temporarily relocated my clothes I kept to a guest closet. I found a dozen jeans that were buried and tried them all on. Much to my surprise, they all fit me well! I ended up discarding a pair into the Goodwill box due to the fact it was outdated. In fact, the Goodwill box is now overflowing.

On the past Sunday (September 6), I was at a standstill concerning my room with the A/C being broken. It was too dang hot in there to do much work. Dan has been working in the mornings on making units for a built-in to hold my fabrics and more. But, it often gets way too hot by 10:00 A.M. to do much work. At least, for me it does. He works until around noon out there in 100 degrees (Fahrenheit).

I was actually out there with him ripping up a pallet in the early A.M. and got so overheated that I started to feel sick. I dragged the hose, pointed the sprayer up and let it rip. Now, that was fun! I felt like I was standing in a gentle rain and I actually saw a rainbow! Ha! Anyway, I soaked myself good, took a break and then started the hard work again. By 10:30 A.M., I had enough and went indoors. The cats were indoors long before me. Smart animals.

After lunch break and a Doctor Who episode, I headed to the Master Bedroom closet.

{Before Changes}

Do you see that closet rod? It is so dang low that the bottoms of my Maxi dresses were laying on the floor. I hated that along with a few other things.


I thought I could do it all myself; but, once I got to where I needed to remove the angle bracket which holds the rod, I found that I could not remove the screws. I enlisted Dan's help and it turns out that he himself had a hard time removing the screws too!

Once Dan got involved, he helped from thereon. It was nice having a helper. Actually, it was more like me helping him with me as the boss. Ha!

Anyway, I carefully removed the entire shelf system with the intention of reusing everything. I basically took the angle bracket, rod, and the end ledgers and moved them up to the top shelf. It is the same height on Dan's side.

Once that was completed, I cleaned out the rest of the closet with Dan's help. It was so nice having him there helping me!


I forgot to take a picture before loading it up with my clothes and I was NOT going to unload it all just to get a picture. It looks much nicer now and I am more at peace with the closet itself.

So, how much did this cost? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Well, if sore muscles is a cost, so be it! I did not want to spend a cent and was able to keep (reuse) everything.

Now, if we have another useless weekend (where I cannot work in my room due to the A/C), I plan on tackling the laundry room! (I can see Dan groaning from here. Stop that Dan! Ha!)