Thursday, June 5, 2014

May Recap

  • Savings

    Previous Balance 342.00
    Week 15 (05/05)
    Week 16 (05/12)
    Week 17 (05/19)
    Week 18 (05/26)

  • Book Finishes

    • #10: The Last Unicorn by Peter S. Beagle.

      This book received 4.17 stars on Goodreads and 4.6 stars on Amazon. I gave it four stars on Goodreads. This book often appears on “must read” lists. I finally got around to reading this particular fantasy written for young adults. It supposedly ranks with Tolkien’s Hobbit and the Earthsea trilogy (a favorite of mine). Let me tell you, I was disappointed. In my opinion, this book is nowhere near the famous classics I mentioned. It is sadly lacking something in spite of the poetic and prose like writing. It just feels incomplete. I have no other way of explaining this feeling.

  • Projects

    • Worked on the kitchen. The kitchen has way too many hot spots which was driving me crazy! I cleared out the kitchen tossing a lot in the trash and the rest into the rummage sale pile. I was reorganizing a cabinet making room for new mason jars when I thought to myself, “Why are we holding onto these fancy drinking glasses we never use?” I ended up placing the drinking glasses into the rummage sale too. The kitchen, which includes the eating area and the laundry room, is looking so much better! And, I am attempting to keep the hot spots free of junk which is not an easy task.
  • Other

    • The progress on my room is moving along slowly. We are working on the garage sale cabinets we purchased awhile back. You can see them here. One cabinet is completed and the other is a work in progress. We are also working on the desk and beading station area. All in all, we are extremely tired of painting. Ha!
    • We also took the time for other things.
      • We met up with some of Dan’s coworkers at K1 Speed for a morning of fun. Let me tell you, it was a blast! I could only do one race as I got motion sickness near the end; but, I am looking forward to going again! This was my first time racing and I think I did pretty well considering the fact that most of the guys race frequently. By the way, these are not your ordinary go karts, they are beefed up performance machines. The karts can reach up to 45 mph.
    • Gardening is going well. I harvested quite a few pickling cucumbers. My pepper plants are FINALLY producing peppers. I think I will focus on growing pickling cucumbers in the future and forget about spinach and peppers. I will also concentrate on red potatoes too.