Monday, September 16, 2013

A Moving Sale Find for [Future] Sewing Room

My facebook status on 9/15/2013:

There was a moving sale yesterday and today two houses down the street from us. We went to check it out yesterday morning and I fell in love with some weird cabinetry that I could visualize using for crafting and beading. It needed some work. They wanted too much money for it and I would not budge from my price. So, we walked away. We went back today after 2pm and they still hadn't sold the cabinetry. I had Dan handle the "haggling" this time and we got it for what I wanted yesterday. I'm totally thrilled!"

These are actually upside down. We will be hanging them directly on a wall. There is already some metal shelving racks inside the open area of the cabinet. We will be purchasing some brads and making some shelves to go into those areas (top of the items in picture).

Both pieces need some work. We will have to replace a board or two due to water damage. I plan to paint the exterior of the cabinetry a white color. I am hoping the fronts of the drawers are still in good condition to keep in its "natural" state.

When you pull out a "drawer", it comes fully out and the back of drawer can be against the front of the cabinetry. Can you not see (in your mind) pretty bottles full of beads, buttons and/or crafting supplies stored in these "drawers"?

We were told that these are old and once resided in a hospital. The labels inside of some drawers indicates this to be truth; however, I cannot confirm if this is truth and honestly, I do not care because they will serve a good purpose for me.