Monday, September 9, 2013

My Yard Work Clothes

Someone asked Dan to get a picture of me in my yard work clothes. I have three different shirts (white, off-white, and light blue) and an old pair of jeans that I use for yard work. The boots are snake-proof and water-proof. I have to tell you that I am glad I have these boots because we discovered a tiny dead rat snake one morning. It was just a baby; but, can you imagine one full grown? *shudders*. It did look like it had an encounter with a chicken, cat or dog and did not survive its injuries. I got to tell you that I am hoping these snakes hunt and feed on gophers! Ha! I know my fears may seem irrational; but, if there are rat snakes around, I am sure other varieties (including rattlesnakes) exists. Better safe than sorry, correct?

Those boots also protect me from the bane of our existence which are the sticker burrs. They are called sand burrs around here which makes sense due to the fact our ground is very sandy.

{To see a larger picture, go here.}

I also tend to put my hair into low pig tails without the braids because it seems to minimize the sweat rolling down the center of my neck. I just cannot stand that! My hat is rarely that high up on my head. It was positioned like that for this picture. You can see how it really is in the first picture above with the rim low over my eyes. Ha!

And yes, I have lost a little more weight since you have last seen me. I am still losing weight; but, not as fast as the first two weeks after I crashed in the beginning of August. I have lost almost 12 pounds. I am not even trying to lose weight -- it is just slowly but surely falling off of me. I could stand to lose maybe another 10 pounds. But, I am currently happy with where I am at the moment. It sort of scares me how it just seems to come off me no matter how I eat (and I could eat loads of calories).

All pictures taken with Dan's iPhone on September 1st.